Lift Vehicle DOOR BELT– Elevator and Escalator Spare Parts …

Lift Vehicle DOOR BELT– Elevator and Escalator Spare Parts …

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Elevator door equipment belt $ 1.50– $ 7.35 Elevator door device belt special synchronous belt 5M S5M RPP5M S8M HTD Zhanpeng Shenling rubber opening belt Color Classification + – Contribute to cart SKU: 614686747297 Classification: Lift belt Summary Testimonials (0) Summary Product: Rubber

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Kone Lift door belt. BELT 5M-12 ADV L-2050MM KM89739H18. BELT TOOTHE 5MR-25GT L-3900MM KM601278H03. Lift door belt.

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Component Name: Elevator Door Belt Requirements: 12 x 5mm Term of settlement: T/T, Western union, Paypal, L/C and also so on. Distribution time: Concerning 3-5 functioning days versus settlement done. Plan: Standard carton packaging Delivering ways: DHL, FedEx, UPS/ TNT, AMERAX, EMS, AIR, SEA, and also etc Warranty time: One year from order just for the ideal problem.

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Lift Belts|Our Products|Beltservice Corporation Elevator Belts. Our solid woven PVC and also heavy responsibility rubber lift belts are among the most effective performing products offered to suppliers and original tools producers. They include low stretch, problem totally free operation and high pail bolt-holding capability. We equip specifically intensified belts that are oil resistant and also fixed conductive for grain lift applications.

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These lift belts have an one-of-a-kind belt high quality especially made to withstand a mix of fat as well as greater procedure temperature levels in operating problems with a high degree of humidity (water vapour, fat and oils). By its special building this belt high quality accomplishes a much longer solution life under the formerly stated conditions.

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Initial OTHERS Lift Door Belt 395-5M|inelevatorparts … Description 395-5M, Door Belt 395-5M, Elevator parts, Elevator Door Belt, Lift 395-5M, OTHERS Elevator extra components, OTHERS Elevator parts, OTHERS 395-5M, OTHERS Door Belt …

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Mitsubishi Lift Door Electric Motor Synchronous Belt S5M-2980-15 3580 150S5M3280; SULAB Rubber Elevator Door Belt 5M S5M RPP5M S8M HTD; Fermator Elevator Belt PMVC Double Tooth Pulley-block Belt Eagle 5mm; Hitachi Lift Belt Closed Door Rubber Timing Belt A120 A124 A128 A132 A137; KONE Elevator Door Control Driver Pcb Board KM606040G01 KM606030G01

Lift Auto DOOR BELT– Elevator and Escalator Spare Parts …

Elevator CAR DOOR BELT GNL Code: KNE6001 KONE OEM/ Model: KM601278H03 Brand name of use: KONE Item Class: BELT Line: Elevator Components Product Description: 5MR-25GT L=3900MM, TOOTH, 54 ″ 60 ″ 2SP Distributor: GNL Lift Condition: Original & Brand Name New Information: Elevator Vehicle DOOR BELT|AUTOMOBILE DOOR BELT For KONE Elevator Description

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Move A Door Driver – Our Many Existing Door Driver. SWIFT, QUIET OPERATION The Otis Glide A door driver is just one of the most trusted door systems worldwide. With door open times as fast as 1.9 seconds with 42″ facility opening doors, the system allows guests to get in and also leave elevators faster for faster floor to flooring travel times.