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A heavy copper PCB is a board that takes in to 20 ounces of thick, strong copper. This sort of circuit experiences special etching as well as likewise layering approaches like differential etching along with action plating. You can furthermore call it a “thick” or “substantial” Copper PCB (copper weights vary from 4 oz/ft2 to 20 oz/ft2). Significant/ Thick Copper PCB– Extreme Copper PCB Maker …

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2L Board thickness: 2.0 mm External copper thickness: 8 OZ Min hole: 0.30 mm Minutes line width/line spacing: 12mil Surface treatment: Immersion Gold Product use: car power board What is the extremely heavy copper or very thick copper board?

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A hefty copper PCB is a board that consumes to 20 ounces of thick, sturdy copper. This type of circuit undertakes special etching and plating methods like differential etching and action plating. You can also call it a “thick” or “heavy” Copper PCB (copper weights range from 4 oz/ft2 to 20 oz/ft2).

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A heavy copper PCB has a minimum of one ounce of copper, and the amount can increase in one-ounce increments. These types of motherboard, however, are not as usual as basic PCBs; about 20% of all printed circuit board tasks are hefty copper. A common published circuit card, has as much as one ounce of copper.

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In enhancement, there are some other advantages of hefty copper PCB as follows: 1. Compact product dimension since of several copper weights on the very same layer of circuitry; 2. Onboard high-power-density planar transformers; 3. Heavy copper-plated vias pass the elevated current through the PCB and benefit moving the warm to an external heat sink. Utilizes of Heavy Copper PCB

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