4 Types of Packing Machines

4 Types of Packing Machines

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A packing machine is a piece of machinery that is used to pack goods. These machines can perform a variety of tasks, including fabrication, filling, sealing, combining, labeling, overwrapping, and palletizing. A packaging machine is an integral part of any packaging operation. It is used to protect goods in transit and make them more accessible to consumers.


The XPander packing machine is a fully automatic, hands-free packaging machine. It can operate at speeds of up to 35ppm. It features an integrated monoblock design, servo-driven pump system and height-adjustable nozzles. Its unique design eliminates spillage by filling containers with an accurate +/-0.5% volume of liquid. The machine also features an integrated CIP system.

This packaging machine is made by Shemesh Automation, a global developer of packaging machinery. It is an all-in-one machine that incorporates all downstream packaging processes. It is designed to produce high-quality wet wipes at a high throughput of 30 to 35ppm. It has been designed to be as efficient as possible, with minimal human intervention.

The company also produces the Xpander Pak ™ Super Protective RX Shipping System, which is designed for the mail-order pharmaceutical industry. It also offers a thinner version of the standard packing machine product, the Safe-T Shipping System, which protects fragile items from static electricity.


The PXM packing machine is a fully automatic in-line filling and sealing machine from Pack Line. The machine is capable of packaging a variety of products, including liquids, pastes, granulated products, and desserts. The machine can be configured to fit different-sized items, and features a four-stage vacuum chamber system. The machine also features a hot melt adhesive and can achieve various pack counts.

One of the main advantages of PXM is its ability to centralize product information. This leads to a more accurate and consistent customer experience. With PXM, product data is always updated and in the same location, reducing the chance of redundancies and mistakes. This improves the overall customer experience, as these errors can lead to a faulty product or increased returns.

The PXM pilot exhaust module provides enhanced safety by removing pilot pressure from the externally piloted H Series ISO valves. Its mountable design enables it to be easily installed under the HA valve product, removing pilot pressure from the remaining valves while maintaining main supply pressure. The module is available in standard and electrical versions, and can be optionally equipped with a solid state pressure sensor for added safety.


The Doypack packing machine is a versatile piece of equipment that is capable of filling many different types of pouches. This type of machine can be used for various applications, from filling ketchup and paste to veterinary products. These machines are equipped with sophisticated electronics, such as HMI control panels and sensors. The machine can also be customized with different filling stations and features, such as a pouch detector to detect the presence of a pouch. This feature prevents spillage of the product.

The Doypack packaging machine creates packaging that fits the product perfectly. It can be customized in color, size, closure, and shape. This packing machine makes it easy to store and transport the finished product. Additionally, the Doypack packaging is also flexible, allowing it to fit tight spaces. Previously, liquid goods were packed in rigid containers that were difficult to transport. Furthermore, rigid packaging forms can also pose safety hazards.

The Doypack machine is an amazing piece of machinery. It can produce all kinds of pouches in a single or double-layer design. It also features sensors and a full-featured operator interface. With these features, it can handle either single or double-layered pouches and can work on one or two packing lines. It is compatible with GMP and FDA requirements.

The Doypack pouch can be re-sealed. This makes it easy to reseal when filled and provides a higher barrier to spoilage. This makes it a preferred choice for companies that want to give their products a premium look. The automatic Doypack packaging machine will help the company achieve this goal. The machine will save time by automating the packing process, and can easily change pouch sizes as needed.

The Doypack pouch filling machine is a fully-automatic machine that can produce stand-up pouches in a variety of materials. The machine can also be configured to work with different filling systems. For example, the machine can fill powder, chunky products, and pastes. It can even work with batch codes and automatic pick-up bags. This versatile machine has numerous applications and is widely used in various industries.

The stand-up packaging machine is another popular Doypack packaging machine. These machines allow pouches to stand upright after filling, resulting in a modern and innovative packaging format. These machines are suitable for a variety of products, from snacks to condiments and salad dressings. These machines can be customized for the production environment and come with all the required dispensing systems. They can also be delivered as complete solutions to suit the needs of different customers.

HC180S series is a highly versatile Doypack packing machine. This machine is capable of filling a variety of products and can even create special shapes and designs, such as zippers and spouts. In addition to this, it can also print date information on the pouch.